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Hrafntinnusker Hut

Welcome to Höskuldskali at Hrafntinnusker!


  Latitude: Longitude:
Geographical co-ordinates (WGS-84): 63.933261 19.168080
UTM (WGS-84): 7090867.1 7589807.4
Geographical co-ordinates (Hjörsey 1955): 63.933571 19.168477
UTM ( Hjörsey1955): 7091076.0 75897691.6

The  lodge has a ground floor with a loft. On the ground floor is an entrance hall, toilet, cooking room, and a dormitory. The loft includes the warden's quarters as well as sleepingbag accommodation with  mattresses. The dormitory has single bunks and double bunks ( with mattresses). Generally, the lodge accommodates a maximum of 52 people. However, during unfavorable weather conditions, the warden is entitled to utilize the entire ground floor area if neccessary. Moreover, guests need to be prepared to share a double bunk with another person.


Quiet hours are from 24:00 - 07:00, unless the warden agrees on something else. Cooking is not allowed during quiet hours.

Smoking inside the lodge is strictly forbidden at all times.

A warden is appointed during the months of July and August. The house is heated with geothermal steam, and is kept warm year round.  Cold tap water can be accessed in the cooking room during the stay of the warden.  Other times, water needs to be fetched from the ravine west of the lodge, or by melting snow. Electricity is used to light the lodge. A switch is on the lamps. the electricity is generated by solar energy, please coserve the energy! Gas stoves are in the cooking room and are connected to gas containers year round.

The technology used for acquiring heat, electicity and water may fail. In that case, repairmen are contacted. Please bear in mind that the altitude of the lodge is at 1027 m. It is difficult to approach the lodge by automobile, impossible at times, and the repairmen are located in 200 km distance.

The cooking room provides pots, plates, glasses and cutlery.

The toilet is not a water toilet. Toilet paper is generally provided.

Because  the lodge is surrounded by sand, large amount of sand can be carried into the house with normal use. Guests are kindly asked to wipe their shoes thoroughly before entering the lodge. Please do not enter the cooking room in your hiking boots. It is advisable to bring a pair of slippers.

The warden needs assistance in keeping the lodge clean and tidy. Tour guides are kindly asked to initate all assistance. During  the warden's absence, it is the guest's responsibility to have the lodge clean and tidy at the time of departure.

The camping site is on the sand below the lodge. Outhouse is on the site. Campers can access tap water by the lodge.

Guests cannot leave trash at the lodge.  Trash containers are at Landmannalaugar and at Hvanngil.  Please do not dispose of trash in the toilet, the outhouse, or hide it under rocks. Remember clean environment - beautiful nature!

The operatin cost of the lodge at Hrafntinnusker is high. Therefore, it is important  that guests pay for accommodation and facilities.  The Touring Club of Iceland publishes yearly a rate for accommodation in lodges, camping sites, and/or the use of hygienic facilities of day guests. The warden collects the fee. During the warden's absence, guests are kindly asked to put payment in the box in the entrance hall.

Ice caves develope where there is thermal activity under the ice patches.  Such ice caves should not be entered because of their instability.  A traveller was killed such a cave in the morning of August 16th 2006, when he was hit by a block of ice from the ceiling.


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