Hut: Þórsmörk / Langidalur

Þórsmörk / Langidalur
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Þórsmörk is a true Icelandic treasure and very popular with outdoor enthusiasts, for both short and long hikes.

This is where the popular trail Laugavegur, from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk, ends and where another popular trail Fimmvörðuháls either ends or begins.

Please book your bed in the hut through the blue button located up to the right on this page.


Ferðafélag Íslands (The Iceland Touring Association, FÍ) owns and operates the hut Skagfjörðsskáli, located on a flat area at the mouth of Valley Langidalur, smack in the middle of Þórsmörk. The hut is big and roomy and accommodates a total of 75 people on two floors.

On the ground floor of the hut are is a spacious entrance, two kitchens, one big and one small, both fully equipped with all utensils and a running cold water, a big dining hall, and two sleeping halls with bunk beds. In the attic there are more bunk beds located in three separate quarters.

A big patio where guests can grill and dine is outside and the hut is connected to a toilet and shower house with a path. The showers are accessible for a small fee.

Besides the accommodation in the big hut, there is a small romantic hut that houses 2-4 people in a secluded area not far away.

There is also a pick nick house for day visitors, a small shop, a wardens hut and behind the hut is a lovely area where groups can grill and dine together.

Please note that day visitors (i.e. those who neither stay in the hut or in tents) have to pay a facility fee to use the facilities in the area, such as the toilets. These are wristbands that can be bought from the hut wardens at 500 kr. or ordered beforehand through the web for 400 kr.


The hut in Langidalur is usually open and manned from the beginning of May until the beginning of October. The opening season of the hut depends on when the Icelandic Road Authority opens the road F249 to Þórsmörk. To protect the fragile vegetation, camping is not permitted in Langidalur until May 20.

Please be aware that in order to reach the hut in Langidalur in Þórsmörk by car, it is necessary to cross many rivers, the last one being the infamous and often dangerous river Krossá. Only experienced drivers on jeeps and other robust 4x4 vehicles should drive to Þórsmörk and then only with great care. It is always a good idea to call the hut wardens to enquire about the accessability and conditions of the rivers and their fords.

The hut is closed and locked during the winter time. On rare occasions the hut can be rented during winter but only on the condition that a hut warden accompanies the group. You can send a hut enquiry to the offices of FÍ.

Please keep in mind that winter travel in Iceland, weather north along the Laugavegur or south over Fimmvörðuháls, is a serious business and should only be undertaken by highly skilled hikers, accustomed to extreme conditions and carrying 5 season equipment.


Among the many attractions en route to Þórsmörk are Gígjökull glacier and gorge Stakkholtsgjá.

By the hut lies Mt. Valahnúkur, which tempts most people and nearby attractions, Stórendi, Stangarháls, Hamraskógar, Húsadalur, Básar, Rjúpnafell and the marvelous circle around Tindafjöll.

Hut wardens are more than willing to assist with good hiking tips.


  • GPS Location: N 63°40 960 - W 19°30.890
  • Phone: 893 1191
  • Height above sea level: 200m
  • Next Hut: Botnaskálar in Emstrur
  • Accessibility: Jeeps (4x4)
  • Hut Warden: During summer

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