Ferðafélag Íslands

Ferðafélag Íslands, the Iceland Touring Association, (FÍ) was founded in 1927 with the main aim to facilitate, promote and organize travelling within the country. The association brings together hiking and nature enthusiasts and allows them to experience Iceland in a group of like-minded people guided by locals.

FÍ is not a tourist agency but offers a variety of tours to members and non-members alike, all year round: Hiking, cycling and skiing, day trips, weekend tours and longer trips. The trips vary in difficulty and everybody should be able to find an adequate tour, beginners as well as advanced mountaineers.

Numerous mountain huts are owned by the FÍ where hikers and other travellers can get a sleeping bag accommodation (booking necessary). FÍ has 13 divisions who work locally around the country, offering tours and attending huts and shelters all year round.

Every year FÍ publishes high-quality travel books, some of them in English.

The very first trip the FÍ organized was in 1929, when 31 participants travelled around the country. Now, well over a hundred tours are organized by FÍ and members of the association count more than eight thousand. 

FÍ's members benefit from discounts on tours and accommodation both within Iceland and with other Scandinavian alpine or hiking clubs. FÍ's members also get discounts in many shops when showing the FÍ membership card.