Terms and Prices


It is necessary to book and pay for accommodation in all FÍ huts in advance. Otherwise we can not guarantee a place.

Payment is made by credit card only, after requested dates have been confirmed by us. Booking is not confirmed on our behalf until fully paid for.

You can pay online to limit the risk of fraud. We will provide you with a secure link where you fill in your card details. You can also call us at +354 568 2533 and give up your VISA or MASTERCARD info along with the date of expire/day of valid.

The vouchers will be sent by e-mail to your email address, when the payment has gone through.

Refund Policy for Huts and Camping

  • Cancelled 14 days or more before arrival. 80% of the amount
  • Cancelled 7-14 days before arrival. 50% of the amount
  • Cancelled 7-0 days before arrival. No refund
  • No refund due to late or no arrival, bad weather or other external circumstances


FÍ doesn't insure their guests or their luggage. Guests travel at their own risk. FÍ urges their guests to buy travel insurance and be well prepared.

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable so expect all kinds of weather. Never wear jeans or cotton next to your skin and bring wind and waterproof jacket and trousers.

Prices 2018

Hut Price per pers. per night
 Álftavatn  9000 kr.
 Emstrur  8500 kr.
 Fimmvörðuháls / Baldvinsskáli   7000 kr.
 Hagavatn  5500 kr.
 Hlöðuvellir  6000 kr.
 Hornbjargsviti  8500 kr.
 Hrafntinnusker  9000 kr.
 Hvanngil  8500 kr.
 Hvítárnes  6000 kr.
 Landmannalaugar  9000 kr.
 Norðurfjörður / Valgeirsstaðir  7000 kr.
 Nýidalur  8500 kr.
 Þjófadalir  5500 kr.
 Þórsmörk / Langidalur  8000 kr.
 Þverbrekknamúli  6000 kr.
 Camping  2000 kr.
 Facility fee*  500 kr.
 Shower **  500 kr.

* Those using FÍ's facilities, such as toilet or outdoor grill, but not staying overnight are charged a facility fee. If ordered beforehand through the web the price is 400 kr. per day.
** The shower fee is not included in the facility fee or the price for overnight staying.