Laugavegur huts FAQ

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes you do!
If you want to make sure to get a bed in a hut along the way, it is essential to book beforehand.

What kind of beds are in the huts?

All huts have bunk-beds, either with single or double mattresses. You can expect to have to share a bunk with another guest. The wardens assign you a place in the huts, please talk to a warden before entering a hut.

Can I connect to the internet?

It is not possible to connect to WiFi in any of the huts, but you might be able to connect to 4G in some of them as well as along the trail.

How is the phone coverage on the Laugavegur trail?

Phone connection can be unstable on the trail and you might have go to the nearest hilltop to find a network.

Does it matter in which direction I walk?

Yes it does. We only book huts from north to south, i.e. from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk.

Is it possible to take a shower somewhere along the trail?

For 900 ISK you can have a shower at all the huts except in Hrafntinnusker. Get a ticket or coins at the warden's huts, where you can pay with cash or card. For obvious reasons, there are no hair dryers available.

Can I charge my devices in the huts?

There is no electricity in any of the huts along the way and thus no means of charging electronic devices. Make sure to bring enough power with you. Battery-packs are sold at the huts.

Do you provide slippers for indoor use?

No we do not. But you must take your outdoor shoes off in the entrance room, so if you want to use slippers you have to bring your own. Wet clothes should also be kept there.

Are the huts heated?

Yes, all of the huts are heated. Some with geothermal water, others with gas. For safety reasons, the gas heaters are turned off during the night.

Do I need to bring my own kitchenware?

No, the huts have gas stoves, pots, pans and other kitchen appliance you might need to prepare a meal. We also provide liquid and brush for washing up, tablecloths and tea towels.

Who do I contact for lost and found?

All lost and found items are sent to FÍ office in Reykjavík. Please send us an email if you think you left something behind.

What kind of payment do you accept at the huts?

We except Icelandic cash and all major cards in our huts.

*Please note that our huts are located in the Icelandic highlands and therefor the internet connection can temporarily be lost, e.g. due to bad weather or bad reception, which means that credit cards cannot be used to pay for goods. Therefore, it is always good to have cash with you when traveling around the highlands if you intend to buy services or goods.*

Can I buy something in the huts?

All huts on Laugavegur have some merchandise for sale. The selection of goods depends on the size of the hut but you should at least find some chocolate or snaks at all huts. Here you can see the product and price list price list

Do the huts have toilets?

Yes, all huts have water toilets except for Hrafntinnusker which only has a latrine. We provide toilet paper and soap for washing hands. The toilets are usually in separate buildings.

Do I need to bring my own water?

The huts all have running cold water that is safe for drinking straight from the tab. Many of the huts have a big pot on the stove with hot water. Please make sure that the pot is always full by putting in as much as you take out.
You can fill your water bottle before you leave the hut, but you can also drink from streams you come across along the trail.

What happens if the weather is bad?

The wardens usually know the weather forecast for the days ahead and they always try to warn hikers if the outlook is bad. Sometimes they might even forbid you to leave the hut until hiking is safe. Be sure to check the forecast for the area you will be hiking in, on a reliable web page like

If I change my plans can I get a refund?

Here is our cancellation policy:
Cancelled 30 days or more before arrival 85% of the amount
Cancelled 29 -14 days before arrival 50% of the amount
Cancelled 13 -7 days before arrival 25% of the amount
Cancelled less than 7 days before arrival -no refund