Trails: Rjúpnafell í Þórsmörk


Rjúpnafell í Þórsmörk


Rjúpnafell is a majestic tuff mountain in the centre of Þórsmörk. It stands at right under 800 meters above sea level and provides a magnificent view over Þórsmörk and its treasures. The fantastical trail to the mountain lies through ravines and steep hills as you walk on solid paths. The walk up the mountain itself may not be suited to those with fears of heights, since the clomb is on steep hills and cliff sides, but the entire way to the top follows a well-laid hiking path and therefore hikers have little to fear.
The path network in Þórsmörk is vast and growing. The journey to Rjúpnafell stats right outside the Skagfjörðsskáli hut in Langidalur which many regard as the one true residence of Ferðafélag Íslands. (GPS N. 63. 41. 084 W. 19. 30. 742). The journey then takes you into Slyppugil ravine and continues into Tindfjallagil, underneath regal peaks, past Tröllkirkja and towards Rjúnpafell. When we have passed the peaks we will follow the markers which lead us to the roots of Rjúpnafell and we push past the fear of heights as we head up.
From the top (GPS N. 63. 41. 838 W. 19. 24. 513) there is an amazing view of, the south side of Fjallabak, Þórsmörk, glaciers, and mountains. Then we head home to Langidalur where we’ll sing songs of Maria through the night so the hut shakes in its foundations, as has been a tradition the past 70 years.
By turning towards Stangarháls at the end of Tindafjallaslétta on the way back, one can make the trip a roundtrip. This will lead you down to the banks of Krossá, a journey down a steep hill which is not a favourite of people with a fear of heights but the way is fun and a sight to behold, just like the rest of Þórsmörk.