Trails: Tindfjallahringur í Þórsmörk


Tindfjallahringur í Þórsmörk


Skagfjörðsskáli hut in Þórsmörk is a second home of FÍ, the Icelandic Travel Association. Here the spirit and culture that the association is built on have flourished over the years. Þórsmörk, with its unique natural scenery, embraces visitors in a kind and loving way.
A vast network of trails runs through Þórsmörk, so you can easily spend days exploring this diverse landscape. When hiking Tindfjallahringur it is best to set off from Skagfjörðsskáli. First, head up Slyppugil valley and from there into the gorge towards Tindfjallagil, which lays parallel to Tindfjöll to the north. The path is solid and dense, but it takes you over some steep sliding hills in Tindfjallagil, so be careful. Tröllakirkja, a unique rock formation with a small cave underneath, is found in the heart of Tindfjallagil. The name “Tröllakirkja” means “Troll church” and it does not take much imagination to see why. When you come up to Tindfjallaslétta plain you will come across an intersection in the path system. Here it is possible to continue into Rjúpnafell but we suggest turning right and continuing over the plain and following the trail further down Stangarháls and from there out to the banks of Krossár and back to Langadalur again. The path down Stangarháls is a bit steep in parts, but a lot of work has been done to make it solid and safe.
Tindfjallahringur is a magnificent hiking trail for most people with a unique view of Goðaland, the glaciers and the inner part of Þórsmörk. For the most adventurous it is possible to deviate from the trail and go to the top Tindfjöll mountains for fun, but it is not suitable for those who have problems with heights.



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