Hut: Hlöðuvellir

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The Hlöðuvellir hut operated by Ferðafélag Íslands (The Iceland Touring Association, FÍ) is located in the lava field at the southern foot of Mt. Hlöðufell.

It comprises a large entrance and a sleeping hall with a kitchenette (gas-stove). It accommodates 15 people in double bunk beds. There is no running water in the area and water is collected from the roof of the hut. A latrine/outhouse is located close by.

Guests have to take their trash along with them and leave nothing behind at the lodge.

The first hut in Hlöðuvellir was built in 1970 but has been completely renovated since then. The attractions in the neighbourhood are Mt. Hlodufell, Eldborg in the Lamb Lava Field, Mt. Kálfstindur, Mt. Högnhöfði, Mt. Skriða and Mt. Skjaldbreið. The hiking trail across Rótarsandur to Gorge Brúarárskörð is popular and beautiful.

The hut is accessible on foot or by jeeps or other robust 4x4 vehicles from lake Laugarvatn or the Kaldidalur Route in the West.


  • GPS Location: N 64°23.911 - W 20°33.387
  • Height above sea level: 450m
  • Next Hut: Hagavatn
  • Accessibility: Jeeps (4x4)
  • Hut Warden: Nei

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