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Landmannalaugar mark the beginning or end of a great many hikes in the Nature Reserve Fjallabak. Among other trails is the popular trail Laugavegur, that runs from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk.

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The Landmannalaugar hut is operated by Ferðafélag Íslands (The Iceland Touring Association, FÍ). The hut is big and comfortable and accommodates 78 people on two floors. The ground floor has a good entrance hall, a large sleeping quarters with bunk beds and a kitchen, fully equipped with gas stoves, hot and cold running water and all utensils. Upstairs there is one small dorm room and three large ones. There is a big charcoal grill outside.

A patio connects the hut with a big toilet/shower house that also serves the camping ground and the numerous day visitors to Landmannalaugar. The wardens live in a roomy hut beside the toilet house.

Please note, everyone that is not staying the night either at the huts or at the campsite is required to pay a facility fee for the usage of the bathrooms and outdoor facilities such as grill and benches.
The facility fee is used to maintain and improve facilities in the highlands of Iceland.

The camping area is located close to the toilet house and is mostly on gravel. It is extremely difficult to drive the pegs into the ground and if it is windy, rocks have to be used to weigh the tents down. People are kindly asked to return the rocks to the wooden crates after use.

The first FÍ hut in Landmannalaugar was built in the year 1951.


During summer it is possible to drive 4x4 jeeps to Landmannalaugar along the roads Fjallabaksleið nyrðri (F208) or Dómadalsleið (F225). It is entirely up to the Icelandic Road Authority to decide when these roads open depending on snow conditions and how the roads are holding up after the winter. On average one can assume to be able to drive to Landmannalaugar from June 20 until September 15. 

Between June 20th and September 15th, 2024, guests driving themselves (in a private or rental car) to Landmannalaugar between 8 AM and 3 PM must reserve parking spaces and pay a service fee prior to arrival. For more information see The Environment Agency of Iceland website.

During winter one can only access Landmannalaugar driving specifically equipped super jeeps or on a snowmobile/skidoo. We reiterate that it is absolutely impossible to drive to Landmannalaugar during winter on a standard 4x4 rent-a-jeep.

All winter travellers must check snow conditions and accessibility before heading out. The way is often impassable due to ice slush. Also note that to avoid damage to the fragile landscape and vegetation, it is absolutely forbidden to drive to Landmannalaugar during early and late winter when the snow doesn't cover the ground.

It is also popular during the winter to hike to Landmannalaugar on cross country skis. The hike should only be undertaken by skilled hikers/skiers, accustomed to winter travel and carrying 5 season equipment. It is a 30 km hike from the hotel/restaurant Hálendismiðstöðin Hrauneyjar to Landmannalaugar.

To some extent, one can follow snow conditions and how fast spring/winter arrives through this webcam belonging to the Icelandic Snowmobile Association. Landmannalaugar also has its own Facebook page where hut wardens share information about the weather and conditions.


The huts in Landmannalaugar are located at the dark edge of the rhyolite lava field Laugahraun, close to a few hot springs which create excellent bathing conditions in a natural brook. The banks of the brook are boggy and people are kindly asked to use the wooden pathway across the bog to the brook.

To protect the environment, it is strictly forbidden to use soap in the brook, throw trash around or bring glass bottles or containers to the brook.

Landmannalaugar is a part of a larger Fjallabak Nature Reserve and the surrounding area is dotted with unbelievably beautiful hiking trails, both short and long. The mountains are literally split with gullies and gorges in multiple colours. Some of these hiking trails can be seen on this hiking map of Landmannalaugar.

In depth information and more hiking routes in Landmannalaugar can be found in this book about the Nature Reserve Fjallabak.


  • GPS Location: N 63°59.600 - W 19°03.660
  • Phone: 860 3335
  • Height above sea level: 550m
  • Next Hut: Hrafntinnusker
  • Accessibility: Jeeps (4x4)
  • Hut Warden: During summer


Here you can see a 3D map of Landmannalaugar hut:

3D Map

Facilities in/close by hut


Hálendið Distance: 54 km travelTrailDurationShort 4 days