Hut: Þjófadalir

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The tiny Þjófadalir hut operated by Ferðafélag Íslands (The Iceland Touring Association, FÍ) is located in Þjófadalir valley at the foot of Mt. Rauðkollur and the hillock Þröskuldur and accommodates 11 people.

The hut has a small entrance that houses a small kitchen area with utensils. From there you walk into tiny sleeping quarters with bunk beds on each side. Above half of the hut is a small sleeping loft.

There is no running water in the hut but it is possible to fetch water from a small stream. There is a latrine/outhouse close by. The hut is not accessible by cars and guests have to take their trash along with them and leave nothing behind at the lodge.

The hut in Þjófadalir was built in 1939 and is on the ancient trail across the Kjölur highlands, between the northern and southern parts of the country. The environment offers pleasant hikes, i.e. Mt. Hrútfell, Fagrahlíð and Jökulkrókur at the edge of glacier Langjökull. Mt. Rauðkollur and Oddnýjarhnjúkur are also worthy goals.


  • GPS Location: N 64°48.900 - W 19°42.510
  • Height above sea level: 610m
  • Next Hut: Þverbrekknamúli and Hveravellir
  • Accessibility: On foot
  • Hut Warden: Nei

Facilities in/close by hut

Kjalvegur the old

Hálendið Distance: 41 km travelTrailDurationShort 2-3 days