Ferðasaga Gabrielu Galecku skálavarðar FÍ

Gabriela Galecka starfaði sem skálavörður á Laugaveginum og Fimmvörðuhálsi þetta og s.l. sumar, eftir vel unnin störf ákvað hún að ganga Laugaveginn eins og hann leggur sig á einum degi. Hér fyrir neðan er hægt að lesa ferðasögu hennar.


"One very long day in the mountains. Let's say it was a birthday gift to myself... and that I really wanted to do it right after my traverse last year. I didn’t and since then I had been thinking about it.
This walk was also a nice closure of the first period I spent in that area working as a warden. The last months were busy and intense and it was a good feeling to drift somewhere to the edge of exhaustion by walking 55k in one day. I knew what I was asking for and it made perfect sense to explore my physical and mental limits at that stage.
I started in Landmannalaugar and headed to Thórsmörk. The beginning was great. Truly amazing pace and no people for the first 12k. Very quickly I realized my shoes were a very wrong choice. They gave me comfort but on steep parts I wasn’t completely safe. A stupid mistake. Will do better. Anyway, they ended up in the trash bin at the end of the trail.
This walk was very different than other longer distances I have made so far. Except the first part I wasn’t alone. People around and huts/shelters make you feel it is easy. Therefore, you are faster. Unless you say hi to the wardens on your way and have with them a coffee or a beer... In such a case you start to take breaks way too often and you spend 15 hours hiking and it may become a bit of a problem.
Somewhere, a bit further than Hvanngil, I started to meet people I had already met in Baldvinsskáli welcoming them in the hut. A few of them were surprised to see me once again, hiking the trail and coming from the opposite direction. Very fun encounters.
Once again, everything was smooth until around 45k. Then walking suddenly became much more difficult. Taking a decision where to cross the last of the rivers that day I lost it for a moment. All ended well, at around 10 pm I arrived happily in Thórsmörk."