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The Hekla Area

This pamphlet contains a synopsis of the Year book 1995, Hekla, published by Ferðafélag Íslands. It's meant to convey a clear picture of the content of the year book. as well as carrying a valuable information in it self. 

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The Hekla Area
The Hekla Area

The Year book 1995 on Hekla (Icelandic title: Á Hekluslóðum) covers the volcano Hekla. In former times, scholars maintained that the volcano was the getaway to Hell. The tremendous Hekla eruption in 1104 was the first in historical times. In the Year book the surroundings of Hekla are described, starting with the settlements at the edge of the prehistoric lava fields south of the volcano, then approaching the mountain itself and its historical lava flows, and finally giving a thorough account of the upper regions of Hekla.